About Nadia

Nadia Warner was born in Giza, Egypt in 1962 and moved to England when she was eight years old. With a philosopher for a father and a physicist for a mother, Nadia had an eclectic upbringing that bridged disparate cultures, mysticism and science.

Nadia was educated in art at Bournville School of Art and in Ecology at the University of East Anglia (England). She moved to London in 1984 where she worked as a journalist and photographer before returning to her first love of art in 1993. Her final work covered the environment, science & mysticism and the bridges between cultures. She was also working on a series combining her photography with photo collage.

Nadia has had numerous exhibitions in European capitals and been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on MBC television. Southern Cross magazine called her “artist of the future” and Al Quds “a bridge between cultures”.

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