Nadia was born in Egypt, lived most of her life in England, and a period in California. She had numerous exhibitions in European capitals and been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on MBC television. Southern Cross magazine, for example, called her “artist of the future” and Al Quds “a bridge between cultures”

Renowned artist Nadia Warner explored subjects ranging from quantum physics and metaphysics, to our relationship with each other. She worked in paint and/or photo collage to produce bodies of work on each subject. “The Reality Machine”, for example, focuses on how our beliefs create the reality we experience. She interpreted the works of leading quantum physicists and philosophers while looking at the impacts of her own beliefs on her life. “Belonging”, explores our relationship with each other, and takes a look at the collective shadow – how we project onto others what we cannot deal with.

The technique she used depended on the series. “The Journey” is a group of expressionist paintings, “The Deep Blue” is abstract, while “Sacred Earth”, “Belonging”, and “The Reality Machine”, are surreal series that combine painting, collage and photography. Some works are entirely lens based where the photographic images are chopped and reassembled to create surreal landscapes, but with a realistic photographic edge.

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