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Nadia ran an inspirational TV format and personal development TV company for a number of years.

This is the text from 2004/5 –

We produce and develop unique film & tv programs and formats about human and planetary potential. Our vision is to build the bridges that cross the personal – global conscious divide. We create intriguing, original and empowering

VISION was founded by Nadia Warner out of a desire to change viewers perception of television as a disconnecting and passive medium. Television and film can be a very powerful tool in promoting well-being, community and individual self-worth.

We believe that by allowing viewers to see their peers (the dis-enfranchised, the have-nots and the haves, the traumatised and the un-empowered) make changes to themselves and the environment then there will be a shift in the global conciousness in a positive direction. Our programs and formats will engage and empower the viewer, make them realize they have a role – and be entertained in the process!

  • Our environmental programs will inspire new depth of love, passion and excitement in building towards a green yet fun future.
  • Our Human Potential programs will act as catalysts in peoples lives to live deeper, more rewarding lives, and to realise the greater power and talents that lie within.
  • Our Discovery programs deliver insights into the very exciting topical areas where modern science and spirituality begin to cross over.
  • Our Interactive programs combine the latest technologies to really allow viewers to contribute and dig-deeper at their own speed. Its also a gateway to changing tv from a passive to an active medium.
  • Our Deep Democracy programs find new ways for people to relate as individuals, groups or cultures.


“Imagine a future where economic growth means a better environment, where space is created for every species to live and thrive – including man, where a whole breed of eco-engineers create technologies that radically improve, and enrich Earth for every creature for whom it is home – for me that’s a future worth living for” Nadia Warner

A solutions oriented approach to environmental problems. At this is the future were creating television for. Here the emphasis is looking at models that work, people that have made a difference.


We believe that humanity and the individual expresses only a tiny fragment of their full potential. Within each person is the ability to be a statesperson, a great inventor, artist, performer and motivator but with a limited educational environment many possibilities are stifled. These limitations are also reinforced in the culture or language.’s human potential formats and programs aim to uncover the power that lies within and inspire people to realize blockages, grow and expand their potential.


These programs and formats are about discoveries and innovations that hold huge potential for humanity. Practical inventions that transform our lives and improve the environment (eg: eco-engineers), to cutting edge scientific research that changes our perception of life or how we relate to each other (see supernatural scientists). also ventures into the innovations where technology, spirituality, environment and business overlap – where they are not in conflict but actually have synergies and nurture each other.

INTERACTIVE interactive formats offers the opportunity for viewers to take part in the program making process and resonate more fully with the content. The potential for TV to become more empowering and less passive in the future will make people feel they can make a difference. believe that if more people feel empowered then they will be inspired to put some of themselves into creating a future worth living for.

Interactive TV is still in its infancy. At present it offers the viewers more possibilities such as the ability to vote on an issue during a program or to access more information on something that interests them. It will provide the ideal platform for the viewer to be inspired to act on a global issue, and find a way to create or take part in something locally. It bridges the international-national-community-personal divides.’s interactive formats demonstrate a clear benefit from integrated interactivity – if it isn’t truly integrated then people won’t use it. Our interactive goal is to use combinations of all available platforms and devices to create a deeper and consistent user experience for viewers. Their journey across a sea of devices and services will move us closer to a continuous ‘human’ experience.

DEEP DEMOCRACY’s deep democracy programs highlight new ways for people to relate as individuals, groups, cultures and to the planet.

“Deep democracy” is a term coined by Dr Arny Mindel. It reaches far beyond the popular concept of democracy and represents the state of awareness where all voices are heard – even of beings who have “no voice”.

Feeling your voice is heard is fundamental to feeling that you belong, and that you matter, and that you can make a difference. Deep democracy goes hand in hand with deep listening, and awareness. It is about giving value to what does not have a voice – whether the environment, marginalized people, animals, races or genders.

ABOUT NADIA – Bigger Picture TV

Nadia Warner is a vibrant presenter, writer/producer and an award winning campaigner.

She has had ten years experience in television and film working on a variety of projects on cross-culturalism and the environment for BBC, Channel 4 and the British Foreign Office.Her various production credits include The Burden (Producer – BBC), Nomads – a series on Nomadic tribes (Channel 4), Looking for Allah in England (BBC), Perspectiveprograms on environmental technology (Foreign Office),  Feeling the Heat – on Global Warming (BBC),  Wonderful Spaceship Earth (Antelope).She’s also been presenter for BBC enterprises, and written and narrated Women of the Aral (Television Trust for the Environment)

As an award winning and inspiring campaigner and writer on environment and sustainable development she worked with Bob Geldof on SPORT AID ’86 and was Campaign Organiser of Hotline Africa. She has spoken and chaired meetings in the House of Commons on bridging the differences between developed and developing nations as vice chair of PACE International Affairs (Educational Charity) and orchestrated many other conferences on environment and development. She’s also been environmental consultant for the foreign office’s TV and New Media section.

Nadia’s other interests include the bridge between science and spirituality, spiritual awakening for all, and creating a quantum change in our attitudes towards the future and each other. She’s also an accomplished photojournalist and fine art photographer and an award winning artist


Deep Democracy

  • “Culture Swap” 6×30 min
  • “Facing the Conqueror” 6×30 min
  • “A Different Voice” 4×30 min
  • “Kiss the Dog” 6×30 min


  • “Love and the Machine” 1×50 min
  • “Supernatural Scientists” 12×45 min
  • “Electric Healers” 1×50 min
  • “The Sound of Healing” 1×50 min


  • “Ecotopia” 3×45 min
  • “Surviving Man” 6×30 min
  • “The EcoEngineers” 6×30 min

Human Potential

  • “Against the Grain” 4×45 min
  • “Commitaphobia” 3×45 min
  • “Growing People” 6×30 min
  • “Angel in the Stone” 6×30 min
  • “Past Life Hunters” 2×50 min
  • “How to program a Human” 6×30 min
  • “The Billion Dollar Brain” 6×30 min
  • “Adopt Me!” 9×30 min

Note most titles WGA registered

  • “Great Pretenders” 6×45 min
  • “Mistaken Identity” 6×45 min
  • “Need to Love” 6×45 min
  • “Dreams and Life” 2×50 min
  • “Change Me” 6×45 min
  • “Emotional Intelligence” 6×45 min

Note most titles WGA registered

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