Solo Exhibitions

2001 “Belonging: A Bridge from East to West”

Gallery 54, Mayfair, London. Exhibition of photography, photo-collage with narrative which received award from League of Arab States on the conflict and resolution between cultures of east and west and what the mixed race generations will bring.

1999 “Millennium Awakening: As Within, So Without”

Egyptian Embassy Cultural Center, Mayfair, London Exhibition looking at quantum physics and spirituality – the idea that our beliefs create reality we experience.

1999 “Astral Travels” & “The Whispering Past”

The Soni Gallery, Marble Arch, London. Exhibition on the intuitive pathway. The realm of dreams and the edges of “consensus reality”.

1998 “The Whispering Past” & “The Protected Woman”

Egyptian Embassy Cultural Center, Mayfair, London. The realm of dreams and the edges of “consensus reality”. Also on gender and identity in the Middle East.

1996 “Le Voyage” & “Le Jugement de Lucifer”

Grutli Cultural Center, Geneva, Switzerland. On the cultural shadow. The side of us as individuals or a culture that we do not accept and project onto others.

1995 “Le Chemin”, La Galerie, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

Expressionistic work exploring shapes within landscape of archetypal significance.

1994 “The Journey” , The Courtyard Gallery, Kings Cross, London

Exploring shapes within landscape of archetypal significance. Awarded sponsorship for exhibition by Berol Paints UK for most innovative use of their mediums

Group Exhibitions

“Alexandria Rising”

Exhibition curator and one of three exhibitors. Exhibition at the Egyptian embassy to celebrate rebuilding of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. A look at the significance of the ancient library. What knowledge meant through the ages. How knowledge could be welcomed or feared.

“The Spirit of the Whale”

Organised exhibition of ten artists at the Crypt Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London. Exhibition on the “friendly whales” – gray whale and humpback, that breed in lagoons close to land.
Also contributed to numerous shows at the Meridian Art Gallery, Kensington, St Martin’s Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Howick Contemporary Art, Hampstead, Cairo to Cape Town Gallery, Fulham.

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