A photographer for over twenty years, Nadia took photographs for magazines, newspapers and international photo libraries. She had over 1000 pictures published including over 100 as front page covers, and had her work exhibited in prestigious galleries in London.

She combined a background in fine art (trained at Bournville School of Art, Birmingham) with one of professional photography. She spent several years as principal photographer for several London Newspapers, before deciding to focus primarily on fine art photography.

Nadia used both film and digital photography depending on the occasion. Her film equipment includes Mamiya 6×7 medium format cameras (RZ or Mamiya 7), and Canon EOS cameras for 35mm. Her first digital camera was the 6.5 MegaPixel Canon 10D. Nadia used the latest software, the highest quality archival printers, darkrooms and bureaus for very large prints

Nadia’s art background gave her an individualistic eye for the beautiful, the surreal.

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